Current Elected Officials

elected officials

Contacting your Legislators:

The following are the elected officials for residents of the Northside Action Team area. Click on the name for their webpage or the direct contact page. 

If they already share your values, let them know that you have their back.  If they do not, here is some guidance to be the most effective:

  1. Be polite and respectful
  2. Address one topic per call, letter, email or social media post
  3. Put the topic in a subject line
  4. Say something appreciative (there’s a challenge!)
  5. Make your point and say why it personally matters to you – real stories are great!
  6. Repeat your point and request a response. 

National Level

State Level

DaneCounty map

Dane County

City of Madison – Use this link to “Find your Alder” if you do not know