Using the MiniVAN

Canvassing has been revolutionized with the use of the MiniVAN smartphone app

  • Instead of paper and a clipboard, you can canvass using this connected app on your phone or tablet. But no worries, we will always have paper if your prefer!
  • It is available in the App Store or Google Play

Canvassers will have access to:

    • Interactive maps and lists that will help optimize routes and easily see the next target
    • Branching scripts to help ask the right questions based on the responses you get
    • Contact histories with more context about the person you are speaking with
    • An easy way to record your results, notes, and any email or phone updates
    • A progress screen that will show results from the entire team
    • Identification of anyone who has Already Voted
    • Automatic syncing that will send in your results whenever you have a data connection
    • Integrated help and training videos