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Wisconsin will hold elections on August 13 and on November 5, 2024.

August 13

This is the partisan primary for US Senate (seat currently held by Tammy Baldwin) and US Congress (seat currently held by Mark Pocan). In addition there will be primaries for many seats in the WI Senate and State Assembly. 

November 5

This is the general election for US President, US Senate, US Congress and WI Senate and Assembly seats. In Dane County there will also be elections for county executive (special), county clerk, district attorney, register of deeds, treasurer, board of supervisors, and circuit court judges.

Note there will be additional ballot measures on both the August and November ballots.         

You can start your research by going to the Ballotpedia website. If you put in your address, you can read more about candidates and the ballot measures that you will be voting on.,_2024

Also read information about the ballot measures from the League of Women Voters of Wisconsin:

Question #1: 

Delegation of appropriation power. Shall section 35 (1) of article IV of the constitution be created to provide that the legislature may not delegate its sole power to determine how moneys shall be appropriated?”

Plain language interpretation. Should we change the constitution to allow only the legislature, not the Governor, decide how to use federal funds given to WI?

Question #2:

“Allocation of federal moneys. Shall section 35 (2) of article IV of the constitution be created to prohibit the governor from allocating any federal moneys the governor accepts on behalf of the state without the approval of the legislature by joint resolution or as provided by legislative rule?”

Plain language interpretation. Should we change the constitution to take away the authority of the Governor to decide how to use the federal funds given to WI?

What does a “Yes” vote or a “No” vote mean?

➕A “yes” vote supports amending the state constitution to require legislative approval via a joint resolution before the governor can expend federal money appropriated to the state.

➕A “no” vote opposes this amendment, thereby allowing the governor to accept and allocate federal funds without seeking legislative approval.



  • League of Women Voters of Dane County – A nonpartisan organization that works on voter registration and policy issues and provides Candidates’ Answers – a nonpartisan voter guide.
  • Voter ID Coalition  – The League of Women Voters of Dane County has joined with the Dane County NAACP to form the Dane County Voter ID Coalition. The mission of the Coalition is to educate voters about the requirement to show a voter photo ID to receive a ballot on Election Day or when voting absentee. Call/text the Voter Helpline at 608-285-2141.
Email us at if you have questions or want to get involved.