Why I’m Voting for Biden/Harris




Joe Biden’s vision of America is the one I want for my country. 

  • He understands the importance of uniting us, not dividing us. He values people of all backgrounds and races. He knows that government can be a force for good and has a major role in protecting and helping all Americans. I want to be proud of my country again.

Joe Biden has the character and integrity we need in a president.

  • He is intelligent, has a good heart, and empathizes with people struggling or in pain. He listens to people and over his career has grown as a person and a politician. He is able to reassess his positions as our country evolves.
  • Read Joe’s story from Scranton to Washington.

Joe Biden will fill the leadership gap at the top of our government.

  • Lack of leadership by our president has compounded the catastrophes of a worldwide pandemic, economic meltdown, and racial injustice. Biden has shown that he understands the role of the president to rally our country in difficult times.
  • Joe has chosen a proven leader in Kamala Harris as his Vice President

Joe Biden has experience in the federal government and knows how it should work.

  • Biden believes in the rule of law and understands the norms guiding government officials to protect us from authoritarian overreach.
  • He has good relationships with legislators and officials in Washington and across the country.
  • If Democrats succeed in gaining the majority in the Senate and keep the majority in the House, Biden will be able to pass progressive legislation on a wide range of issues.
  • As Vice President, Biden was responsible for administering the Economic Recovery and Rehabilitation Act which brought the United States out of the deepest recession since the Great Depression. He led the successful efforts to combat the Ebola virus and the H1N1 influenza.

Joe Biden will assemble a team of capable, committed professionals to implement his policies.

  • Our government has been eroding at the national level for over three years, with incompetence, turnover, and corruption in the president’s inner circle. Biden will select a team that believes in service and the role of government. He is fortunate to have a pool of many capable and brilliant people to draw from.

Joe Biden will appoint qualified and experienced jurists to the Supreme Court and lower federal courts.

  • The importance of choosing the next justices for the Supreme Court cannot be overstated. 
Joe Biden’s agenda is the most progressive agenda of a Democratic candidate for president in modern history.
  • Biden has comprehensive plans to address climate change, immigration, health care, racial injustice, education, and many other issues.

Joe Biden will strengthen America’s relationships with other countries and regain the respect of our allies and the world.

  • As Vice President, Biden cultivated excellent relationships with world leaders and served in a widely respected administration. He understand the importance of working with our allies and will support international agreements.