Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will be the next President and Vice President of the United States of America.

 BUT… it appears there is more work to do to get there as we plan for the expected request for a recount in Wisconsin. Here is what we know:

  • In preparation for a potential recount, DPW is beginning the process of recruiting and training volunteers for county recounts. Every county in the state will undertake its own recount and will require organized teams of volunteers.
  • The first step to becoming a recount volunteer is to sign up for an initial training. This training will give you an idea of the types of roles, time commitments, and expectations for volunteers. There are training sessions every day this week and next week to prepare. 
  • Here is the sign up link –
  • IF YOU ARE AN ATTORNEY: Please use THIS LINK to sign up for training. This training will be the beginning of a separate volunteer pipeline for attorneys. 
  • After you complete the initial training, you will receive a follow up to discuss factors like if you are willing to travel and any previous recount experience you have that could lend itself to a leadership role.
  • After you are assigned a role during that follow-up conversation, you will complete a second training specific to that volunteer role.

The role is basically just observing and being present. There will be a lawyer on site that they will report to and everything they need to know will be covered in the training.

People should plan 3-4 hour shifts but any time is helpful.


  • Nov 18th: The last day that a recount petition can be filed for the office of president
  • Nov 23rd (estimated) The start of the recount
  • Dec 5 (estimated) : Deadline for all counties to finish the recount