The Northside Action Team (NAT) is:

  • A Madison Wisconsin neighborhood team of volunteers.
  • Supporting politically progressive values, initiatives, and candidates.
  • Active in Northeast Madison and Maple Bluff neighborhoods since 2008.
  • In non-election seasons we ask our neighbors what issues they care about.
  • Ahead of an election we encourage voters to vote for the progressive, usually Democratic, candidate.
  • We are also active in registering new voters and helping current voters update their registration and request absentee ballots.

Read more about NAT’s History and inception. 

Our activities include the following:

  • Voter Registration – Our trained volunteers set up Voter Registration events on the Northside of Madison.
  • Phonebanking to Volunteers – We have a core group of volunteers who make phone calls to recruit other volunteers for canvassing or phonebanking events. New volunteers are always welcome!
  • Canvassing and/or Phonebanking to Voters – The goal is to reach out to voters to find out about issues of concern, inform them about upcoming elections, and to encourage them to vote for the progressive candidates.
  • Manage Canvass or Phonebank Site – During an event there is a team of people that supports the canvassers by setting up the site, checking-in volunteers, training volunteers, distributing materials, providing snacks, and greeting returning canvassers. 
  • Data Entry and Volunteer Records – After a canvass event, a team of behind the scenes data entry people enter the responses from people that have been canvassed.

Ready to take action? NAT welcomes new volunteers!

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The Northside Action Team (NAT) is a Madison, Wisconsin neighborhood team supporting politically progressive values, initiatives, and candidates, active in Northeast Madison and Maple Bluff neighborhoods since 2008.

Our primary method for contacting volunteers is through our email list. If you would like to hear about upcoming opportunities join our email list.

If you have some thoughts to share, feel free to email us at nat@natmadison.org or call Lisa at 608-215-3321 or Sue at 608-217-6022

Lisa Arli and Sue Gleason, Organizers of the Northside Action Team

Lisa Aarli and Sue Gleason
Northside Action Team Co-Coordinators

Support the Dane County Neighborhood Teams

There are 20 other neighborhood action teams in Dane County, many in Madison and several more in surrounding communities.

The  Democratic Party of Dane County has offered to support some of the team expenses. Please make a donation to the Democratic Party of Dane County (aka Dane Dems) – below is an Act Blue link for NAT/Dane Dems!  Donate Here