There are two tools we can use for making phone calls and both also use your computer to access the list of voters or volunteers to call. There are pros and cons to both so it usually is just a personal preference. Review our info resources here and then join us for an overview. 

Virtual Phone Bank (VPB) to all VOTERS and to recruit VOLUNTEERS

Use your phone and computer and make calls from the comfort of your own home. A desktop or laptop is best to use rather than a tablet/iPad. 

  • Check out this 13 minutes video on using the VPB –
  • For more info check out this VPB Guide
  • You create an Action ID and then login. Be sure to save your ActionID as it is unique to you!
  • You make the call, a voter name, phone number and script pops up. Follow the script on the screen, record the responses, click submit and move on to the next name
  • You can make as many calls as you want, take a break and log back in later
    • Similar to canvassing, not many people answer the phone and the usual guidance is not to leave messages so that another caller would try again later but depending on the call sometimes we do leave messages. See guidance for that weekend on leaving message or not.
    • Your actual phone number is visible to the voter but you can use Google Voice to choose a different number to call from
NOT AVAILABLE YET – Auto Dialer (The Dialer) to call VOTERS

In order to make calls in The Dialer, you will need a laptop, desktop, or tablet. Note that iPads can be used with a phone but Safari is not a supported browser so you will need to download Google Chrome.

  • Check out this NEW 11 minute video on using the Dialer (posted Sept 2)  –
  • For more info check out this Dialer Guide
  • Audio can be done through the computer using headphones/microphone or with a landline or cell phone
  • The Dialer works best when there a lot of callers and a BIG voter list so often you are calling a statewide list rather than just in the NAT area
  • A few big differences between the Virtual Phone Bank (VPB) and the Dialer are:
    • With the Dialer you make one call into the system and then “wait” to hear a beep when a voter answers so no wasted time waiting for the phone to ring
    • Your actual phone number is NOT Visible to the voter
    • You are connected to people who do answer the phone rather than making calls and hoping someone answers!
  • When you are ready to make calls,start at the login page provided for you by the campaign
  • Enter your name, email and phone number to claim your login. You do not need to create or save a login, it will be provided to you each time.