2022 Volunteer Vacancies

For 2022 we have identified a few behind the scenes roles needed to increase our effectiveness.

In addition to the NAT Co-coordinators and others in the Core Team that help plan and carry out events, train volunteers, keep voter and volunteer records, below are a few  “vacancies.”  Send us an email at nat@natmadison.org if you want to talk about how you might be able to help.

Volunteer Support Team

During a big election year such as 2022, NAT will have new and experienced volunteers join us in some way during the year. If you are more comfortable behind the scenes, our volunteer support related tasks include:

  • Volunteer outreach in general and then recruitment for specific events
  • Event management and support
  • Debrief and thanks  after events to increase long term commitment
Data Entry

An important behind the scenes job is entering the data collected by door to door canvassers. A canvasser will carry a clipboard with about 40 names for a turf and fill out questions on those that answer the door and agree to talk. The data entry person then gets the sheets of paper afterwards and enters the answers into the Democratic Party of Wisconsin voter database. More about this job:

  • Must be comfortable with a computer/laptop – you received a user account and training to enter the data
  • Flexibility in schedule to enter data within 24 hours – so you would sign up for data entry when you know you will have the time
  • Ability to pick up paper sheets from canvass event on the Northside (delivery may be possible if that is an issue)
  • Each data entry person would get 3-5 turfs which should only take about an hour once you are experiences. Most people are “Not Home” so you are only entering responses for about 25% of the people.
Yard Sign Distribution

The Dane County Democratic Party distributes yard signs through the neighborhood teams. NAT now has a point person that will collect signs and then coordinate getting them distributed in the NAT area.  We are looking for a few people to help get the signs out into yards.  More about this job:

  • Need a car for sign pick-up and delivery
  • Flexibility in schedule to deliver signs within a day or two of arrival
  • You will get a list of addresses that want signs – usually 10-15 depending on demand and sign availability
  • This is a great job for two people – one to drive, one to jump out and stick the sign in a yard
Apartment/Condo Outreach

Voters in locked buildings are more difficult to reach. In 2021 we started collecting information on the multi-family communities in our area including condos and apartments. To fully implement a targeted approach we need a team of people to work on this, ideally a coordinator or co-coordinators that would:

  • Collect more information to complete the spreadsheet such as management contact information, locked or not locked
  • Identify potential complexes to hold voter registration events and coordinate with NAT Voter Reg/Education team
  • Work with NAT Data team to develop strategies to identify and connect with potential leaders in each community
  • Develop strategies for the complexes for voter outreach for canvassing and phonebanking and coordinate with NAT Voter Outreach team